38th Avenue

The city is hosting an interactive community engagement process called Cre8 Your 38, consisting of three phases of community meetings, to engage members of the Wheat Ridge community in creating a streetscape design concept for 38th Avenue.
Phase 1
The Cre8 Your 38 process has engaged more than 900 people so far.  Through two public meetings, Wheat Ridge community members were able to discuss core values and streetscape elements, participate in an interactive streetscape design process and use real time electronic polling to provide feedback on the design concepts created at the meetings.  Those who were unable to participate in the meeting were also able to provide input on the design concepts via an online survey. Please review the staff report for a complete summary.

Design Concepts
33 design concepts were created by the participants at the two public meetings. Based on a review of the data gathered from the meetings and the surveys, six design concepts were identified as having received at least 50% support, indicating they should move forward in the design process. Common elements in most of the six designs included trees, bike lanes, sidewalks and two lanes of traffic with a center turning lane.  Specifics regarding these elements (like width of sidewalk or type of bike lane) were mixed, as was support for other potential streetscape amenities. Please review the design concepts and see polling results.
Phase 2
The next Cre8 Your 38 meeting will be held on February 11 from 6-8 PM at the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center. This meeting will include an overview of the January process and polling results, a discussion of streetscape elements and their potential comparative costs, small group design work, and interactive clicker polling.

The presentation and small group design work will focus on how specific types of bike lanes, parking, sidewalks, and amenities can be implemented next to a three-lane roadway and relative to existing right-of-way, existing curbs, and adjacent improvements. 

Community input is very important in this next phase.  However, due to the very interactive nature of the February 11 meeting and the level of detail that will be discussed, the process will not be able to include an online participation option. All community members are encouraged to participate in the meeting on February 11 for Cre8 Your 38.

Cre8 Your 38 Process
January 2016
This first phase provides a chance for participants to talk about what design elements are important to them and to create table-top models of what 38th Avenue could look like. Participants use electronic real time polling or surveys to indicate support for specific community-created design concepts.

February 2016
The second phase allows the consultant team to refine the top design concepts selected by participants in phase one. Community participants will further discuss the design elements, their comparative costs and how to implement them in the designs. Participants will further develop the design concepts during this meeting.

March 2016
The goal of the third phase is to reach community consensus on a design concept for 38th Avenue created by participants in the January and February meetings.

For more information contact the Public Outreach Coordinator for the process, Kristin Cypher.

The video below gives an overview of the process. 

38th Avenue Corridor Plan
West 38th Avenue between Wadsworth and Sheridan is a high priority redevelopment area for the City. The 38th Avenue Corridor Plan, adopted by City Council in October 2011, sets the framework for revitalizing the street into a vibrant main street. The plan and appendices are posted below. For more information about the plan, contact Ken Johnstone, Community Development Director, at kjohnstone@ci.wheatridge.co.us or (303) 235-2844 or Lauren Mikulak, Senior Planner at lmikulak@ci.wheatridge.co.us or (303) 235-2845 for questions/comments. 

Final Reports

Plan Implementation