Trails and Open Space

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The Open Space Section within the Parks, Forestry, and Open Space Division provides environmental education and volunteer opportunities for Open Space Visitors, as well as managing the City's natural resources, Open Space areas, related trails, and facilities.

Open Space Areas
The Open Space within the City of Wheat Ridge is comprised mainly of the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt, which is approximately 300 acres. There are also several additional acres throughout the City managed as Open Space.

Forestry and Open Space Supervisor
The Forestry and Open Space Supervisor is available as a community resource for nature hikes and to assist school groups or help with scouting badges, as well as providing volunteer opportunities. Any questions regarding the City's natural resources, including anything you may  have seen along the Wheat Ridge Greenbelt, can be addressed by contacting the Forestry and Open Space Supervisor, Margaret Paget, at (303) 205-7554.

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