Business District Revitalization Incentive

About The Wheat Ridge Business District Revitalization Incentive Program
This program offers up to $11,000 in matching façade and signage funds and up to $5,000 on accessibility improvements to commercial businesses in the City of Wheat Ridge in order to improve the appearance of individual buildings, as well as the overall look of the city. Improvements must be to an area visible from the public right of way. The goal of the program is to leverage private improvements while making revitalization efforts affordable, creative, and community-based.

For more information regarding the Wheat Ridge Business District Revitalization Incentive Program visit the website or call (720) 259-1030.

The Volunteers of The Revitalization Program
The Revitalization Incentive Program is administered by the Wheat Ridge Business District, a volunteer group comprised of Wheat Ridge Business owners, property owners, and civic leaders. The board of the Wheat Ridge Business District has appointed an Application Review Committee to process applications.

Every committee member has a strong desire to improve the physical appearance of Wheat Ridge.