No Proof of Insurance Violation

Summons With a No Proof of Insurance Violation
If your summons includes a No Proof of Insurance violation:
  • Your court appearance is mandatory
  • Your insurance company must provide proof of insurance to the court two weeks prior to your court appearance
Proof of Insurance
  • All proof of insurance must be forwarded to the court by your insurance company
  • Must include proof that either your vehicle or the vehicle that you were driving was covered on the date and time the violation was received
  • May be mailed to the address on the back of your summons
  • May be faxed to (303) 235-2829
If proof of insurance is provided by any other source other than your insurance company, the final disposition of your case will be delayed and a new court date will be scheduled.

If you fail to appear in court, a warrant for your arrest and/or a hold on your driver's license may be issued.

No Proof of Insurance Requirement for Court