Civil Trespass Notice

Why Do We Need Civil Trespass Notices?
On many properties, an unruly individual can cause many problems. The normal procedure has been to ask the individual to leave, but this has proved ineffective in the past since individuals do not take the request seriously.

What Does a Civil Trespass Notice Do?
The Civil Trespass Notice specifically advises the individual that he is no longer allowed on the property because of prior behavior such as:
  • Disorderly conduct
  • Noise complaints
  • Criminal conduct
  • Disturbing the peace
  • Violation of house rules
  • Assault
  • Intimidation

If a guest returns to the property after being issued a Civil Trespass Notice, that guest is subject to arrest for the criminal charge of Trespass, Municipal Code Chapter 16, Article III, Section 16-46.

For information on how to issue a Notice, please visit Issuing a Civil Trespass Notice.