Bicycle Theft Prevention

Why Should I Worry About Bike Theft Prevention?
Every year the Wheat Ridge Police Department receives 200-300 bicycles as either recovered stolen property or just found property. If a bike is found and reported, an officer will respond to the location and attempt to determine if the bike is stolen and the owner of the bike.

What Happens if a Bike is Found and No Owner is Determined?
Most of the time, officers are not able to determine the owner of found bicycles, so the bicycles are booked into our evidence compound. After a certain period of time, if no one claims the bicycle, it is then sold at auction.

How Do I Keep My Bike From Being Stolen?
The best way to keep your bike from being stolen is to store your bicycle in your garage, house, or apartment. If these are not viable options, your bike should be locked up when not in use. Invest in a quality lock and keep your bicycle secured whenever you are not using it. Also, document the manufacturer's serial number when you purchase the bicycle and keep that serial number in a safe place.

What Do I Do if My Bike is Stolen?
Contact the Police Department and provide a description including the:
  • Make
  • Model
  • Color
  • Size
  • Type
  • Serial number