Marketing Logo and City Seal

Wheat Ridge Marketing Logo
As a result of the Neighborhood Revitalization Study (NRS) and the efforts of WR2020, the City of Wheat Ridge embarked on a marketing and branding project in 2007 to create a new public image and identity for the City. The new marketing logo was approved by the City Council in August 2007, and is used for branding and promotional purposes. It does not replace the original City Seal, which will continue to be used for some official matters. Instead, the marketing logo serves as a unifying brand - helping Wheat Ridge create an identity that is consistent with the future goals of the City.
City Logo
                                         City Seal Wheat Ridge City Seal
The Seal was adopted in 1971, shortly after incorporation of the City, and will continue to be used for specific documents including, but not limited to, court papers, City flags and election documents. The Marketing Logo was never intended to entirely replace the Seal, which represents the rich history of the City.
 The City Logo and Seal are for official City use and are not to be used for non-City sponsored events and printed materials. Organizations and vendors should always contact the Public Information Office to request use of the seal and logo, as there are guidelines and standards that must be followed. For more information, click on the links below or contact Heather Geyer in the Public Informaton Office.