Training and Accreditation Program Manager

The role of the WRPD Training and Accreditation Program Manager, a civilian position, is to:
  • Manage, coordinate and implement all aspects of the police department's training and accreditation activities.
  • Coordinate and fund training for all police department personnel.
  • Maintain training history and records for each police department employee.
  • Ensure department compliance with State, P.O.S.T., and CIRSA training and re-certification requirements for police officers.
  • Develop the five weeks of 40-hour annual in-service training for all department personnel.
  • Maintain in-house training and reference materials.
  • Supervise new recruits during police academy training and department orientation.
  • Serve as liaison between the police department and Law Enforcement Training Academy staff.
  • Coordinate and facilitate the New Employee Orientation Program.
  • Equip and outfit all police officers and community services officers.
  • Manage the requests for the repair and replacement of damaged or worn equipment and uniforms.
  • Prepare, document, manage, and track all budgeted funds in the training unit accounts.