News Rack Permitting


Outdoor news racks are regulated as to number, contents, and locations.  Please view Chapter 21 of the Wheat Ridge Municipal Code for full details.  

The news rack permit application and business/tax license application and fees must be submitted to the Tax Division or to Community Services. Approval of the application is subject to Community Services staff review for compliance with Chapter 21. Community Services will issue a permit for each news rack that must be displayed it.  A link to the permit form will be available soon.  In the meantime, obtain the form and/or any needed clarifications of the regulations from the Community Services Division by emailing them.

Tax and Business License

  • News racks are subject to use tax on the racks themselves if no local tax was paid. 
  • News rack contents are subject to sales tax if they're sold.  Newspapers of general circulation are exempt.  Periodicals and periodicals-that-look-like-newspapers (special interest publications) are not exempt.  
  • A business license is required because code section 22-21 considers control over personal property located in the City to be engaged in business in the City.  Annual reporting of tax is recommended. 
  • Help in understanding use tax is available on the use tax page.  
  • Help in understanding sales tax is available on the sales tax page.
Tax Help Contact
The Tax Division can assist you with questions regarding tax and the business/tax license.