CALEA Accreditation

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Wheat Ridge Police Receive National Accreditation
The Wheat Ridge Police Department was awarded law enforcement's most prestigious certification on July 30, 2011 when the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) honored the agency with Advanced Law Enforcement Accreditation.

"The fact that less than ten percent of police departments across the country have received national accreditation is a testament to the hard work of the members of our Accreditation Team, the entire police department, the staff of the City of Wheat Ridge, and the Wheat Ridge community", said Police Chief Dan Brennan. "We are proud to bring this honor home to Wheat Ridge."

The accreditation of the Wheat Ridge Police Department follows three years worth of work completed by police personnel to ensure the department's standard operating procedures, policies, and actions are consistent with CALEA national standards.

CALEA was created in 1979 to strengthen crime prevention and control capabilities, improve law enforcement service delivery, and increase community and staff confidence in local police departments. The organization does this by maintaining a body of standards developed by public safety practitioners, covering a wide range of up-to-date public safety initiatives, and recognizing professional excellence.

In unanimously awarding accreditation to Wheat Ridge, CALEA officials cited well-defined policies and procedures, the community policing philosophy, and the strength of the department's employees and their commitment to the community as outstanding attributes.

During the self-assessment phase of the accreditation process, the department reviewed all applicable CALEA standards and adjusted its own policies and procedures as necessary. In total, the department complied with 464 CALEA standards. A team of CALEA assessors visited Wheat Ridge in March 2011 to conduct an on-site assessment of all procedures and policies, and review regulation compliance.

The assessors also toured all Wheat Ridge law enforcement facilities, inspected equipment currently in use by the department, and accompanied officers who were patrolling the city to observe public interaction. In addition, WRPD hosted a public forum that was attended by the CALEA representatives, members of the community, and command level law enforcement personnel from throughout the Denver metro area.

Wheat Ridge Chief of Police Dan Brennan, Division Commander Jim Lorentz, and City Manager Patrick Goff testified regarding the agency's compliance to standards in a committee hearing before the CALEA accreditation committee on July 30 in Cincinnati, Ohio. After a recommendation of approval by the committee and a vote of affirmation by the entire CALEA commission, the Wheat Ridge Police Department was awarded a three-year advanced national accreditation during a formal ceremony.

"Our focus now turns toward the maintaining of compliance and seeking national re-accreditation in three years," said Chief Brennan. Re-accreditation requires an additional on-site assessment and a subsequent hearing before the Commission.