Park Locations and Amenities

Wheat Ridge Park Locations
Park hours are 5:00 am to 10:00 pm, with Greenbelt hours from sunrise to sunset. Please remember all of our parks and open spaces are Smoke Free by City Resolution #03-2013.   
  • Anderson Park - 44th Ave. and Field St.
  • Apel-Bacher Park - 45th and Vance
  • Bonnie's Park - 37th and Upham
  • Boyd's Crossing - 45th and Everett
  • Creekside Park - 49th and Marshall
  • Discovery Park - 38th Ave. and Kipling St.
    (For background on construction of the park, which is now complete, see Project Updates.) 
  • Founders' Park - 37th and Jay
  • Fruitdale Park - 47th Ave. and Miller (the Off Leash Dog Park is located within Fruitdale Park)
  • Happiness Gardens - 4226 Ammons
  • Hayward Park - 29th Ave. and Wadsworth
  • Historical Park - 46th Ave. and Robb St.
  • Hopper Hollow - 6351 W. 44th Ave
  • Johnson Park - 49th Ave. and Wadsworth
  • Lewis Meadows - 33rd Ave. and Union
  • Louise Turner Park - 38th Ave. and Parfet
  • Panorama Park - 35th Ave. and Fenton
  • Paramount Park - 29th Ave. and Kipling
  • Prospect Park - 44th Ave. and Robb
  • Randall Park - 43rd Ave. and Gray
  • Richards-Hart Estate - 28th Ave. and Benton St.
  • Sod House & Museum - 46th Ave. and Robb
  • Stites Park - 29th Ave. and Newland
  • Town Center Park - 4084 Wadsworth Boulevard

Additional Information
For information about park use, trail use, and shelter / pavilion, and field reservations, please visit Parks, Shelter, and Pavilion Reservations or call the Recreation Center at (303) 231-1300.

For Parks Lost and Found, please contact the Recreation Center at (303) 231-1300.