Park & Pavilion Reservations

Community and private groups may reserve park shelters and pavilions on a fee basis. Groups of 25 individuals or more must acquire a park permit before gathering in area parks.

Reservation Guidelines
  • Please read Pavilion, Park, Trail and Field Use Guidelines for a general overview regarding the reservation process.
  • Request Forms are available online from the list below; however, please note that permit request forms must be submitted with payment in person at the Recreation Center located at 4005 Kipling St.
  • Contact the Recreation Center front desk for availability, fees and damage deposit information at (303) 231-1300.
  • To request a shelter or pavilion reservation: Pavilion Reservation Request Form
  • To request a park permit for groups of 25 or more individuals gathering in a Wheat Ridge Park: Park Permit Request Form
  • To request special use beyond a shelter / pavilion reservation or standard park permit: Parks and Trail Special Use Permit Request Form
  • To request a permit for metal detection: Metal Detection Permit Request Form
    • NOTE: This form is to be mailed or faxed to the Parks, Forestry and Open Space Office per the instructions on the form. The form may also be dropped off at the Recreation Center, 4005 Kipling Street; however, all permitting is handled by the Parks Office and, thus, all questions should be directed to the Parks Office at 303-205-7552.
Availability and Questions
  • For questions, call the Wheat Ridge Recreation Center at (303) 231-1300.
General Information