Additional Personal Training Services

Additional Services
The Personal Training program at the Recreation Center offers other services in addition to the basic program, including Computerized Fitness Assessments and Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).

Computerized Fitness Assessments
Computerized assessments are available to clients who wish to track their fitness progress. An Assessment is recommended every three to six months. It includes aerobic fitness, body circumferences, body fat, back/hamstring flexibility, blood pressure, and more.
Requirements: Clients must complete a Personal Training Packet prior to consultation (first appointment only). Physician approval is necessary for men over 45, women over 55, and youth ages 10-17. You will be called to schedule an appointment.
Ages: 10 and up
Fee: $30 R $35 NR
Cancellation: $20 fee if you cancel without 24-hour notice to your trainer

Bio-Electrical Impedance Analysis (BIA)
Accurately measuring your baseline and monitoring your body composition is critical to maintaining health, athletic performance, and desired physical appearance. This is a non-invasive measurement to assess your current body composition, which includes mass distribution, body fat, and water compartments. See where you're at today!
Requirements: To get started, call the Fitness & Athletics Coordinator at 303-231-1306
Ages: 12 and up
Fee: $15 R $20 NR