Suspicious Activity Involving a Vehicle

Things to Look For
Take note of any:
  • Slow moving vehicle without lights or that appears to be driving aimlessly. This is suspicious in any location (Possible burglar, drug pusher or sex offender)
  • Parked or occupied vehicle containing one or more persons, especially significant if observed at an unusual hour (Possible lookouts for a burglary or robbery)
  • Vehicles being loaded with valuables if parked by a closed business or unoccupied residence (Possible burglary or theft in progress)
  • Abandoned vehicle parked on your block (Possible stolen car)
  • Vehicle containing weapons (Owner may engage in criminal activity)
  • Individuals being forced into a vehicle, especially females or juveniles (Possible kidnapping, assault, attempted rape or child molestation)
  • Vehicle where a business transaction is being conducted around schools or parks (Possibly selling stolen items or drugs)
  • Locked vehicle that someone is attempting to forcibly enter, especially in a parking lot (Possible theft of a car or its contents)
  • Persons detaching mechanical parts or accessories from a vehicle (Possible theft or vandalism)
  • Objects thrown from a vehicle (Possible disposal of contraband)
If you observe any of these activities, please call the Police Department Dispatch at (303) 237-2220, or 9-1-1 if you believe it is an emergency.