Building Up Business Loan Program Overview

Purpose of The Building Up Business Loan Program
The Building Up Business Loan Program is sponsored and administered by Wheat Ridge 2020, Inc., with the goal of improving the economic vitality and appearance of a targeted business area on 38th Avenue between Sheridan and Wadsworth. The purpose of the program is to encourage existing and new business development by providing financing for façade improvements, interior renovations, and small business equipment purchases.

For more information regarding the Building Up Business Loan program call (720) 259-1030 or visit the website.

Loan Information
The loans are:
  • Up to $50,000 and up to 80% of project costs
  • 0% interest year 1, 4% interest years 2-5
  • Additional 5-year note with variable rate for specific cases
  • Five-year note with 20-year amortization