Enhanced Sales Tax Incentive Program (ESTIP)

About The Enhanced Sales Tax Incentive Program (ESTIP)
The Enhanced Sales Tax Incentive Program was created by the Wheat Ridge City Council in May of 1988 as a tool to stimulate the overall economic viability of the City of Wheat Ridge. The ESTIP provides for a share-back of retail sales tax generated, to local retailers or developers, as reimbursement for capital projects that meet the criteria established as public or public related improvements.

For more information regarding the Enhanced Sales Tax Incentive Program or to receive an informational packet and application please call the Economic Development Division at (303) 235-2806.

Purpose of the Program
The program is designed to encourage the establishment and/or expansion of retail sales tax generating businesses within the City thereby, generating employment opportunities, expanding goods available and increasing the consumption of goods, while at the same time, providing public or public related improvements to the City at virtually no cost, or at a deferred cost to the City, its taxpayers and residents.
Up to 100% of newly generated sales tax can be shared-back to offset the cost of improvements.