Issuing a Civil Trespass Notice

Who Can Issue A Civil Trespass Notice?
The owner of the property or any other person with authority to control access to the property can issue a Notice. This could be a manager, security guard, maintenance person, or an owner. Only those authorized to issue the Notice can sign off on one. The Notice may be served by a police officer, since those issuing the Notice may be reluctant to issue a Notice to a known criminal or violent offender.

How Long Is the Civil Trespass Notice In Effect?
The Civil Trespass Notice is normally in effect for a period of one year from the date of issue.

What Should be Included in a Civil Trespass Notice?
It is recommended that you take a photo of the individual who trespassed and attach it to the original copy of the Notice. Photo identification cards may also be photocopied and attached to the Notice. Copies of the Notice are distributed as follows:
  • The original and second copy is kept by the Wheat Ridge Police Department
  • The third copy is kept by the person who issued the Notice
  • The fourth copy is given to the trespasser
What Do I Do if the Civil Trespass Notice is Violated?
Call the Wheat Ridge Police Department and notify them that the trespasser is violating their Notice. Please have a copy of the Notice ready to show the responding officer.