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Policing Philosophy
The Policing Philosophy of the Wheat Ridge Police Department

Message from the Chief
Thank you and welcome to the Wheat Ridge Police Department's website. This website is one of the many ways the Wheat Ridge Police Department strives to communicate with our community members. I strongly believe that the more you know about your Police Department, its functions, and the great employees we have working to make Wheat Ridge a safer community, the better able we are to provide services to you. It is my hope that our website can help provide you with answers to your questions, information on current crime trends, and helpful insights into the Wheat Ridge Police Department. The Wheat Ridge Police Department is both a state and nationally accredited agency dedicated to providing police services to citizens and visitors to our community. The Department is a professional, values-based organization where community-oriented policing is practiced on a daily basis. The philosophy of community policing and problem solving as the practical means to perform our job is the foundation of the Police Department. All members of our Department are committed to providing the highest standards of service in partnership with our community.

Beginning in January 2006, the Wheat Ridge Police Department implemented geographic policing in an effort to develop greater ownership and a higher level of commitment between our officers and our community members. Police officers are now assigned to specific beats on a consistent basis in an effort to meet community members, business owners, and learn about the specific activities occurring in different areas of the City.

I hope you will enjoy touring our website and benefit from the information that has been compiled about crime and our prevention efforts in our City.

Daniel Brennan
Chief of Police