City of Wheat Ridge Taxes

Wheat Ridge Tax Rates in 2014, click links for more information

Tax Type

Admissions Tax 4.0%

Liquor Occupation Tax

$600 to $2,200/yr
Lodging Tax 10%

Construction Use Tax 

Sales Tax 3.0%
Telecommunications Occupation Tax $2.05/line/month
Use Tax 3.0%
Refunds for taxes may be requested via the refund form accompanied by appropriate documentation. Email or fax is acceptable provided the form is signed and all parts are legible. All refund requests are subject to review and adjustment.

Non-City Taxes
  • Information about income taxes is available through links on the income tax resources page.
  • Property tax information is available via the Jefferson County assessor's page.
  • The City office of Economic Development also offers some helpful insights about programs for the benefit of business.