Business Licensing

All people or entities engaged in business in the City or collecting City sales tax must obtain the City business license, or the temporary tax license. Other licenses may also be required, depending on the type of business activity. Section 11-22, Wheat Ridge Code of Laws.

Operating without a valid business license is subject to daily fines of up to $1,000 per day as set forth in sections 1-5 and 1-6 of the City Code of Laws. Fines are imposed after due process of notification has been exhausted and a summons to court has been issued, with the final levied amount being at judicial discretion. A license is not valid if not renewed.

Resources Additional Licenses or Permissions
License Type Comment Department Contact
Alarm Provider Registration with the police and a business license is required Police Ph: (303) 235-2932
Alcohol Beverages Public hearing process; Business license required City Clerk Ph: (303) 235-2816
Contractors Those located in the City need a business license also Building Division Ph: (303) 235-2855
Kennel All commercial and personal kennels for more than three dogs or four cats Police Ph: (303) 235-2932
News Rack Regulated as to number and location Codes Enforcement Ph: (303) 235-2926
Pawn Broker Background and financial review required Police Ph: (303) 235-2932

Please be aware that the City strictly enforces its sign code. To avoid getting crosswise of it, call Zoning at (303) 235-2846 for details before contracting for or placing any signage.