Marijuana Licensing

New Ordinance Caps Marijuana Business Licenses
Ordinance 1563 enacted on January 26, 2015 caps the number of licensed marijuana location at the number that were in existence at the time that the ordinance was considered. There is a limit of five retail store and/or medical center locations and three retail and/or medical infused products locations. Currently the City has five selling locations and two active infused products locations with one pending. All ordinances are available for electronic display and printout via the City Clerk's ordinances page.

Cultivations are self-limiting in that the law prohibits free-standing operations. All cultivations for commercial marijuana in the City must be contiguous to a retail store/medical center or infused products facility under the same ownership. Contiguous means the spaces are either unitary or share a vertical wall with access between operations via the wall (i.e., a door or doorway allows going from the cultivation to the dispensary or infused products facility without having to go into an area with public access).

There are currently no marijuana license vacancies in Wheat Ridge.

Legal Non-conformity
Some of the existing locations within the City are considered legal non-conforming uses under Ordinance 1563. The locations fall within the buffer zones established by the new ordinance but until license-relinquishment or revocation were to happen each of these locations is lawful and permitted.

Limitations on Primary Caregiver Activities

Ordinance 1551 limits the amount of space and the location within a residence used for primary caregiver growing and processing activities. The ordinance also prohibits the use of compressed combustible gases for processing marijuana in a residential building and prohibits the use of accessory structures for primary caregiver activities.

Read the Law
Ordinances regarding marijuana establishments are contained in Chapter 11 of the Wheat Ridge Code of Laws.

The Tax Division may be contacted about current law. If you wish to provide input to influence pending legislation, please contact the City Clerk about the appropriate means to do so.

Map of manufacturers of infused products

Map of places that sell marijuana (centers/stores)