Current Board & Commission Openings

Openings as of January 13, 2016
The City of Wheat Ridge is recruiting residents wanting to participate in their government by volunteering on the City’s Boards and Commissions. Applicants must live in the district for which they are applying and applications from interested residents must be submitted by February 5, 2016 to the City Clerk’s office, 7500 W. 29th Ave.

Openings exist for the following boards and commissions:

Board of Adjustment – Openings in District I, II, and Alternate
Hears requests for variances and waivers of the zoning ordinance, temporary use permits, floodplain zoning ordinance, and sign code and interprets these ordinances. The Board holds public hearings on all applications and appeals.

Building Code Advisory Board – Opening in District II
Acts as a hearing officer on reviews of decisions of the building inspector. The Board determines the suitability of alternate materials and methods of construction and provides for reasonable interpretations of the Uniform Codes. By ordinance, members of this board shall be qualified by experience and trained to pass upon matters pertaining to the building construction industry.

Cultural Commission – Openings in District III and IV.
Promotes artistic endeavors within the city and makes recommendations on issues concerning culture and the arts to City Council. Promotes the arts, including for-profit and non-profit art organizations and seeks citizen input and advice on the management of public art and assists the City in grant proposals and fund raising activities.

Jefferson County Library Board Liaison – One At-Large Opening
This person will attend all Jefferson County Library Board meetings and then report back to Wheat Ridge City Council on a quarterly or as needed basis.

Liquor Licensing Authority – Openings in District I, II, III, and IV
Responsible for licensing liquor establishments in the City and for conducting Show Cause Hearings for liquor license violations.

Parks & Recreation Commission – Opening in District I.
Regularly consult with the Director of Parks and Recreation; review legislation relating to parks and recreation matters to the City Council; act as liaison between the Department of Parks and Recreation and the community at large; promote and develop positive relationships with community groups. The Commission has the authority to develop Parks and Regulations for the proper management, operation, and control of the parks, parkways, and other recreation facilities within the City.

Planning Commission – Openings in District I, II, III, and IV
Develops and prepares a master plan for the physical, economic and social development of the City. The Commission holds public hearings on zoning cases, development plans and subdivision plats, conditional use permits and special use permits. The Commission recommends revisions to the City’s development regulations. 
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