Cancer Fit

Wheat Ridge Cancer Fit Program
Cancer Fit is a program of the Cancer Fitness Institute, dedicated to providing cancer survivors with affordable and empowering exercise programs in a healthy, positive, non-intimidating environment within their community.

Cancer Fit Class
Ages: 18 and up
Overview: Cancer Fit is an ongoing 12 week exercise program for adult cancer survivors. Prior to the first class, a pre-assessment is conducted by a Personal Trainer certified to work with cancer patients. The trainer will determine which exercises are appropriate for the participant based on chemo, surgeries, fitness level, etc. Participants meet together as a group once a week and follow their own regimen for cardio and strength training, provided by the trainer. Participants receive a Recreation Center pass to continue their exercise program on their own throughout the 12 weeks. You may register for this class at any time, fees will be prorated if class is started mid session.
Day/Time: Monday & Wednesday, 6:00 -7:00 pm
Fee: $220 R $225 NR

Cancer Fit Scholarship Information
Cancer Fit Participant Packet

Additional Information
If you would like additional information, to sign up for the class, or have any questions, please contact Stephen Clyde at 303-231-1306 or