Off Leash Dog Park

 Ski at Deaf Dog Play Day   Deaf Dog Play Day
The 13th Annual Colorado Deaf Dog Play Day was held at the Off Leash Dog Park on September 16. Over 70 dogs were in attendance. The event was organized by Rhonda Champion and Diane DuBose of Spirit of Deaf Dogs. Both use a combination of American Sign Language and hand signals utilized by dog trainers to train their personal dogs and to teach others how to train their dogs. The event offered demos of common signs used with deaf dogs, agility and trick demos, and training techniques by Trainer and Behaviorist Lorraine May. For more on deaf dogs, see Spirit of Deaf Dogs and D2Care. Photos courtesy of Charlie O's Photography
(See his website for listing under recent shoots).
 Deaf Dog Play Day  
 Deaf Dog Play Day  
The Wheat Ridge Off Leash Dog Park opened in October 2011. The Dog Park is approximately 2 acres in size and situated in the northeast area of Fruitdale Park. It is surrounded by a 6 ft. fence with a divider fence that separates a large dog area from a small dog area. A series of gates allows dogs to be contained while being taken off leash prior to entering the unleashed area.

Location, Hours and Access
The Off Leash Dog Park is located at Fruitdale Park, 4700 Miller St. (west of Kipling and north of 44th Ave.), in Wheat Ridge. Hours are 5:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. daily. Access and parking for Fruitdale Park is available at W. 47th Ave. and Miller St. View the map. Fruitdale Park also has restrooms and a water source available on the north end of the park.

Rules and Regulations
All dogs must be licensed, current on vaccinations, and accompanied by a person 17 years or older. Dog owners/handlers assume the legal responsibility for damage, injury or disease to persons or property caused by their dog(s). They are asked to comply with the posted rules and regulations. Failure to abide by the park rules may result in a summons to court or a loss of privileges. See mandatory dog licensing for information from the Wheat Ridge Community Services Team about dog licensing requirements in Jefferson County and a link to download the application.

Contact Information
For information about the Dog Park, please call the Parks, Forestry and Open Space Office at (303) 205-7552. For maintenance concerns, please call (303) 249-8696. To reach the Wheat Ridge Police Department Dispatch, please call (303) 237-2220.