Rabies in Jefferson County

Rabies in Jefferson County
To help prevent exposure to rabies Jefferson County Public Health recommends the following:
  • Vaccinate and license your pets (cats, dogs, rabbits, ferrets, etc).
  • Keep pets on a leash or in a pen, do not let pets roam free.
  • Avoid all stray or wild animals.
  • If bitten or scratched by a pet or wild animal, immediately wash any wounds with soap and water. Contact your physician.
  • Do not handle bats and be cautious of any seen during the day light hours. Bats that are active during the day in a place where one would not typically see a bat (indoors or laying in the yard) or any bat that cannot fly should be considered possibly rabid and should be reported to the appropriate animal control agency.
  • A dead bat that has not bitten or otherwise exposed people of pets can be disposed of safely by using a shovel to place the bat in a plastic bag. The bag should be double knotted and disposed of in an outdoor trash container.

    More information can be found at the Jefferson County Public Health web site, on this informational brochure entitled Prevent Animal-Borne Disease and at the Zoonosis website.

    Contact the Wheat Ridge Community Services Team at 303.235.2926 if citizens have further questions or need assistance.
More information about how to prevent other Animal-Borne Diseases can be found at the Jefferson County Public Health Environmental Health Services Zoonosis Program at www.jeffco.us/health.